FLS is committed to promoting a sustainable business model that goes far beyond a “business as usual” approach, remaining true to its roots and its core family values. Regardless of the challenges and transformation we might face in today’s business world, our approach does not and will not change: we have a genuine passion for the sea, an unparalleled nautical heritage and a strong commitment to our employees and communities.

We are strongly committed to contribute to realization of the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and is an active member of the United Nations Global Compact, a public-private initiative to align our business strategies and operations with universal values and principles in the area of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.


Social Inclusion

FLS has a people-centred approach whilst supporting the development of international trade, which contributes to inclusive social and economical growth.


FLS promotes a focus on cleaner seas, land and cargo through massive investments in low-carbon technology, energy efficiency and operational efficiency.

Health and Safety

FLS aims to prevent any loss of life and unnecessary risk to health, while ensuring environmental safety, proper cargo-handling and management.

Business Ethics

FLS conducts business in a fair, ethical and responsible manner, promoting the respect of internationally recognised human rights and labour standards.

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